You are invited to join us for an online informational workshop on Florida Domicile!

Sunshine State Of Mind: Protect Your Assets With Florida Domicile

This is a limited opportunity to hear and receive important information about Florida Domicile that may save you money and protect your assets.

Online Florida Domicile Workshop

Tuesday, April 6th
6:00 PM

Thursday, April 8th
6:00 PM

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In this easy-to-understand one-hour open session, you learn the important steps for changing your domicile to Florida.

To find out how these important steps can improve the protection of your assets & real estate, and even provide tax savings, join us for an insightful and information-filled evening.

What you will learn during this online workshop may help you save taxes and protect your assets. 

We will discuss the following:


How a Florida domicile can benefit you, your family, and your heirs.


How to properly and legally establish your Florida domicile.


How to protect yourself so that your state's Department of Revenue has no reason to question your intent.


Ways your residence in Florida can be protected from creditors.


How/when to properly file your homestead exemption if you own a home in Florida.


Estate planning differences between Florida & Illinois that make a big difference to your plan and how to avoid split residency. 

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Why we created this online workshop:

If you're like most hardworking Americans, you don't want to work forever, and retirement is something you're looking forward to enjoying.

Chances are you've seen the market go up and down over your career and you're looking for strategies to help create a durable inflation protected income plan to last throughout a lifetime.

We host these workshops to help inform those who are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel so they can have the confidence to retire when they want.